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The interlockings controlled by Swindon Panel have a standard circuitry design known as BR(WR) E10k, derived from the reference number of the series of drawings describing this design (E10000 series). It is a freewired interlocking design (Western Region never used geographical interlockings). The term 'freewired' means that all of the interlocking is bespoke to its particular location, consisting of individual relays wired together to suit that particular application. By contrast, a geographical interlocking consists of pre-wired generic packs of relays which are combined together like building blocks to build up the interlocking. Geographical interlockings are quicker to install and require less on-site testing but as not all of the available functions in each relay pack may be required there can be considerable redundancy. The wasted expenditure of this redundancy and the higher initial cost of pre-packaged units has to be balanced against the savings in installation and testing costs. Western Region decided that, in their opinion, freewired interlockings provided better value for money.

The first E10k interlocking was installed at West Ealing in 1955. The panel at West Ealing was supplied by MV-GRS to their standard NX Turn-Push design and the E10k interlocking system was influenced by MV-GRS interlocking practice.

The table below shows the interlockings in the Swindon Panel area:

Interlocking Site Code Type Controlled Area Distance from
Panel Box
Commissioned De-commissioned
Uffington S.277 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 61m60 - 70m40 MLN[1] 10 3/4 miles[2] 30 May 1965[3] 0135 21 Nov 2015
Bourton S.280 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 70m40 - 73m00 MLN[1] 01 October 1977[3] 0135 21 Nov 2015
South Marston S.282 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 73m00 - 75m20* MLN[1] 11 June 2000[3] 0135 21 Nov 2015
Highworth S.283 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Direct 73m00* - 75m20 MLN[1] 1 mile[2] 03 March 1968[3] 0135 21 Nov 2015
Swindon S.296 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Direct 76m40 - 80m20 MLN[1] At Panel Box 03 March 1968[3] 0135 21 Nov 2015
Wootton Bassett East S.306 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Direct / Converted to Remove Control ~2010 80m20 - 89m00 MLN
-83m60 SWB[1]
6 miles[2] 23 March 1968[3] 0112 23 Jan 2016
Chippenham S.318 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 83m60 - 94m40 MLN[1] 16 1/2 miles[2] 23 March 1968[3] 0112 23 Jan 2016
Thingley Jcn BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 19 miles[2] 23 March 1968[3] 11 February 1975
Thingley S.320 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 94m40 - 97m60 MLN[1] 11 February 1975[3] 0112 23 Jan 2016
Wootton Bassett West S.308 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 83m60 - 89m00 SWB[1] 6 October 1975[4] 0112 23 Jan 2016
Hullavington S.313 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 89m00 - 97m00 SWB[1] 17 miles[2] 23 March 1968[3] 20 February 2016
Kemble S.332 BR(WR) E10k Freewired Electronic Link 79m40 - 93m00 SWM[1] 13 3/4 miles[2] 27 July 1968[5] 0108 19 August 2014[6]
  • South Marston and Highworth are listed with identical mileages.

Some other mileages overlap or have gaps between, but are reproduced faithfully here.

The Uffington interlocking was commissioned before Swindon Panel came into existence as it was originally controlled by Uffington signal box. It migrated to control by Swindon Panel on 3 March 1968.

The Swindon interlocking is located at the signal box with the panel and is controlled directly. All the other interlockings are sited at their geographical locations, remote from Swindon Panel, and are controlled through remote control systems. In some cases overrides (aka Through Routes) are provided for use in the case of a failure of the remote control system.

A small interlocking at Minety, controlled from Minety Crossing Box, existed by 27 July 1968 until 09 August 2014 (when the crossing was converted to CCTV).

A small interlocking at Purton, controlled from Purton Crossing, existed by 27 July 1968 and has since been abolished.

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