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1975 Remodelling

The junction was remodelled in 1975, with the removal of the crossover at the junction and installation of two new crossovers further east:



From the 'working over' part of the K2:


Correspondence regarding the co-existence of two Thingley interlockings, also here for safe keeping:

Although the SRS signalling alteration for 11/02/1975 suggested a new interlocking at Thingley Jcn, in actual fact this was a new interlocking at Thingley. Concurrent with this commissioning, the original interlocking at Thingley Jcn was decommissioned and converted to a relay room only.

I can see no sensible reason why the Thingley crossovers and the junction wouldn't be in the same interlocking.

It also makes more sense of the temporary panel. That would work the Thingley Jcn interlocking while the new Thingley interlocking was connected up to the replacement tiles on the panel and tested. If there was a Thingley interlocking from 1968 that area too would be on the temporary panel while they fiddled with a new Thingley Jcn interlocking on the main panel. But we don’t see this in David’s photo, the only bit of layout on the temporary panel in Thingley Jcn, there is nothing more (at that time) to control in the Thingley area.

As you’ve got the S&T drawings from the box you’ll probably be able to confirm only one interlocking at Thingley Jcn originally? And probably able to confirm only one post 1975 (plus a RR at Thingley Jcn)?


Further alterations were made in 1978, as noted in the WON:


and signalling notice 31/W/2739.

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Conversion Melksham Line to TCB

Bradford Junction box closed in 1990 and control was transferred to Westbury PSB.

No signalman token working on the branch was replaced by track circuit block, and the token machines all removed.