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There are up and down loops at Hullavington, mid way between Wootton Bassett and Chipping Sodbury.

WON Entries

446 points, the facing connection between the Up Badminton and the Up Goods Loop, and the entrance to Hullavington UGL: originally only the facing end in the Up Main was motorised, and the end in the Up Goods was sprung to derail a roll-back. The sprung end was motorised from 04.30 on Monday 19 April 2004 and became 446A, the facing end in the Up Main that was simply 446 becoming 446B.

At the same time, SN.135, the signal regulating trains exiting the up loop was renewed 10 yards closer to Bristol.



The following equipment is controlled from Hullavington Interlocking:

Main Aspect Signals: SN.170, SN.172, SN.174, SN.774, SN.133, SN.733, SN.135.

The interlocking fringes with Wootton Bassett West interlocking in the up direction and Bristol (Chipping Sodbury) in the down direction.