Control Area - Description of Routes

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The table below shows the area controlled by Swindon Panel:

Route ELR Controlled From Controlled To
Main Line MLN Challow / Uffington Uffington (East fringe with Reading PSB, then Swindon B, then TVSC.

Corsham (West fringe with Bathampton Jn, then Bristol PSB (Main Panel)

Badminton Line SWB Wootton Bassett Jn Alderton (Fringe with Badminton, then Bristol PSB (Stoke Panel))
Gloucester Line SWM Swindon Jn Sapperton (Fringe with Sapperton, then Gloucester PSB)
Weymouth Line WEY Thingley Junction (Fringe with Bradford Jn, then Westbury PSB)
Highworth Branch Siding HIW Highworth Junction End of branch (siding working)

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