Level Crossings

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Level Crossings on the Swindon Panel area:

Name Type Location
Knighton AHB 69m 00c MLN[1]
Ashbury AHB 71m 05c MLN[1]
Studley RG 81m 42c MLN[1]
Christian Malford RG 89m 74c MLN[1]
Langley AHB 92m 53c MLN[1]
Stratton TMO HIW
Purton Collins Lane RG, AHB 81m 09c SWM
Purton Common MG, UWC(+T) 81m 65c SWM
Gambols Farm UWC+T 83m 57c SWM
Gryphon Lodge UWC+T 84m 66c SWM
Minety MG 86m 74c SWM

Stratton Level Crossing is not Swindon Panel's, it is on the Rover Group's sidings on the Highworth Branch, under the control of the PiC there.