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Drawing numbers for WR S&T drawings.

More info on S Numbers.

Sxxx/1 Record of Amendments
Sxxx/2 Locking Sketch (Signalling Plan)
Sxxx/3 Mechanical Locking Table
Sxxx/4 Detection Table
Sxxx/5 Electrical Control Table
Sxxx/6 Mechanical Locking (Dog Chart)
Sxxx/7 Lever Leads
Sxxx/8 Lever Lock and Contact Schedule
Sxxx/9 Electrical Reference Sheet
Sxxx/10 Signal Box Internal Drawings

(Also interlocking internal drawings)

Sxxx/11 External Functions (WR) IRJ and Loc Wiring

(To include IRJ bonding plan, cable rigs (cable core plans) & location drawings)

Sxxx/12 Signal Box Diagram - VDU Map Layouts

(Also signalling panel face layout)

Sxxx/13 Aspect Sequence Charts & Service Braking Tables
Sxxx/14 Ancillary Equipment

(Mech design drawing giving details of special equipment under signal boxes, eg, lever locks)

Sxxx/15 Apportionment Sketch
Sxxx/16 Sighting Forms

(Formerly Joint Account Plan)

Sxxx/17 Point Setting Tables (Signalman's Route Lists)
Sxxx/18 Particulars of Locking Frame
Sxxx/19 Train Describer Panel Face Layout
Sxxx/20 Train Describer Wiring and/or Control Table

(For Mechanical & VDU/IECC TDs)

Sxxx/21 Marshalling Yard Special Equipment
Sxxx/22 Electronic Control Equipment
Sxxx/23 Location of Signals by National Grid Reference

(M.A.S. Areas only)

Sxxx/24 M.A.S. Scheme Statistics
Sxxx/25 List of Signals Equipped with Signal Post Telephones
Sxxx/26 Designations

(List of signal numbers, points numbers, track circuit names, etc)

Sxxx/27 Location Area Plan
Sxxx/28 Cable Route Plan
Sxxx/29 Cable Schematic Plan
Sxxx/30 Power Cable Schematic Plan
Sxxx/31 Table of Signal Routes

(To complement or replace route boxes on signalling plan)

Sxxx/32 Isolation Overlays

(ICW areas of running line barred to electric traction)

Sxxx/33 Sub-route Diagrams
Sxxx/34 Map Search Diagrams
Sxxx/35 Trackside Functional Module (TFM) Schematic
Sxxx/36 Datalink Schematic
Sxxx/37 ARS Specification

(Includes key location diagram, routes in each ARS sub area)

Sxxx/38 Bonding Plan
Sxxx/39 Level Crossing Plan
Sxxx/40 SSI Boundary Details
Sxxx/41 Ext. Communications Sub System (IECC)
Sxxx/42 Alarm Monitoring System (IECC)
Sxxx/43 Group Track Circuits - Possessions/Isolations (IECC)
Sxxx/44 Thread Specification (IECC)