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Swindon Mini-Panel Operator instructions


  • Laptop (in blue bag)
  • On wooden board:
    • Mini-panel (8 tiles)
    • 2 Microchip interfaces
    • Box with switches on top
  • In small pouch
    • USB stick
    • 2 x USB cables
  • Power supply for laptop (and lead)
  • Power supply for panel board (and lead)

Starting Up

Begin with everything switched off and disconnected.

  1. Connect the pair of USB cables between the laptop and the microchip modules (b)
  2. Connect power lead to switch box (c)
  3. Plug USB stick (d) into laptop and power up
  4. Double click on the “EasyPLC” icon
  5. “Launch Virtual PLC CPU”
  6. Dialog box - Click OK
  7. “Connect Online with PLC”
  8. “Set Virtual PLC to Run Mode”

(the setup will commence with points reversed)


Expand +Main on left hand menu to observe logic working – like the relays

Closing down

  1. Cancel routes
  2. “Set Virtual CPU to Stop Mode”
  3. “Disconnect from PLC” (hint: if nothing happening after a while, minimise the application)
  4. Exit application
  5. Close down laptop


The mini-panel was built by Jon Tillin and is on loan to the Society.


Please store like this:

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