Ashbury Ground Frame

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The ground frame controlled a facing and a trailing crossover. It was protected by semi-automatic signals DM.70 and UM.71, and released by 312 Ashbury and 313.

It was released by Uffington signal box from the time that Ashbury signal box closed under Swindon MAS Stage 1 on 12 November 1966[1].

When Uffington SB closed at control over the release passed to Swindon Panel in Swindon MAS Stage 5.


The trailing crossover was taken out of use in June 1973.


An entry in the 'working over' section of the Eastern Region (Southern area) Supplementary Operating Instructions, issued 2 April 1977, instructed its readers to delete the entry for Ashbury Ground Frame. So the ground frame itself was definitely abolished at some point before then.

ER working over Ashbury 1977.png